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Tree of the Week - April 4, 2005

Washington HawthornWashington Hawthorn

Crataegus phaenopyrum--Washington Hawthorn 

Hardiness Zones: 4 to 8 
Height: 25 ft
Spread: 25 ft
Form: rounded 
Type: deciduous tree 
Annual Growth Rate: 12 to 18 inches 
Flowers: White 
Fruit: Orange 

Comments: Washington Hawthorn casts light shade. The white flowers, produced in clusters in late spring, are followed by striking orange to red fruit that persist into winter. The fall color is orange to red. Washington Hawthorn can be purchased as a multi-stemmed clump or as a single-stemmed tree, and has no particular soil preference.


A spring show of flowers against glossy green leaves

Winter beauty - Washington Hawthorn's persistent fruit

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