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Tree of the Week - October 12, 2004

Stunning Royal Red MapleCrimson Norway Maple

Hardiness Zones: 4 to 7
Height: 50 ft Spread: 50 ft Form: rounded
Type: deciduous tree
Annual Growth Rate: less than 12 inches

Comments: Norway Maple's dense shade and shallow root system provide stiff competition for lawn grasses. The tree is easily transplanted and has yellow flowers and fall color. Often used, as a park or street tree. Wrap trunks of young trees to help prevent frost crack formation.

The Crimson Norway maples have a red leaf during summer, making a striking contrast against the green-leafed trees in the landscape. The absence of  chlorophyll in their leaves, which results in the much-desired red foliage, means that they are slower in growth and transplant recovery than the other Norway maples.


'Crimson King' - The most common purple-leaved Norway Maple. It grows more slowly than green-leaved types. 
Crimson Sentry TM (Plant Patent 3258) - A compact, dense, upright tree with purple foliage. The height will be 25 feet and the spread 15 feet. 
'Deborah' (Plant Patent 4944) - The foliage is reddish-purple in the spring becoming dark bronze-green in the summer. This vigorous tree forms a strong central leader. 
'Royal Red' - Similar to Crimson King with its purple foliage but considered to have better cold hardiness. 

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