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Tree of the Week - March 21, 2005

Cockspur Hawthorne with FruitCockspur Hawthorne

Crataegus crus-galli -- Cockspur Hawthorn 

Hardiness Zones: 3 to 7 
Height: 25 ft
Spread: 25 ft
Form: rounded 
Type: deciduous tree 
Annual Growth Rate: 12 to 18 inches 
Flowers: White 
Fruit: Red 

Comments: Cockspur Hawthorn is a flat topped tree with a stratified (layered) branching habit and 3-inch spines. Tolerance to shearing makes this an excellent barrier or large hedge plant. The apple-like, white, half inch flowers are present in May or June for a beautiful show. The bright red fruit persist into winter, following a brilliant orange to red fall color display. 

var. inermis - A version of the species but without the thorns
var. inermis 'Cruzam' (Crusader (R)) - A small, rounded trees with a height and spread of about 15 feet. This thornless tree bears white flowers which are followed by red fruit. The tree is listed as being very disease resistant. 

Cockspur's flowers appear in spring
Cockspur's flowers appear in spring
Persistent fruit ripens in autumn.
The persistent fruit ripens in autumn.


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