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Need a tree spade truck? How about a skid-mounted tree tyer or a ball handler? Call us or check back for Caretree machines and other high-quality items that are available. 

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Tree, Shrub and Plant Categories

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Large Evergreens
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Dwarf Evergreens
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Shade Trees
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Species and size availability, and prices and terms, are subject to change without notice. This applies to all tree, shrub and plant categories.

Landscaping Products


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Moisture Meter
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Root Stimulator
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Surplus Equipment varies from year to year: Tree Spade Trucks, Tree Tyers, Ball Handlers, Tree Bosses and more

Wool Wax Creme

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Surplus Equipment

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Tree Delivery and Installation

Delivery and/or planting may be arranged within Genesee and Oakland County. The price is determined by tree size, quantity, distance and other factors.

Standard Planting
Standard planting involves delivery of one or more trees on a truck or trailer. Our mechanical digging augers help us dig the planting holes, and then place the trees in them. Please ask for a quote based on the number and size of trees on your order, the distance to your site, and planting conditions. This typically applies to evergreen trees up to 10’ tall, and shade trees up to 3" diameter.
Truck Tree Spade Planting
This involves at least one trip to the planting site for each tree planted with a large truck-mounted tree spade. This method is for trees over 10’ tall or 3.5" diameter, and produces superior transplant response. The Truck Tree Spade Planting method requires accessibility for a large motor home-sized vehicle and solid (dry) soil conditions. Trim Pines uses 50" and 65" truck-mounted spades for planting evergreen trees up to 20' tall, and shade trees up to 7" in diameter. Ask us for references when the trees you've chosen are too large for this equipment.

Special Discounts

Be sure to visit our Web Specials Page regularly for limited time discounts!

Park-grade trees are available. These are trees that have visual imperfections - which they may outgrow later (or sooner) in life. Save up to 25%, based on the characteristics of the tree.

Payment and Credit Terms

  • 50% down; balance is due upon completion of the order.
  • Service charges of 2% per month (24% per year) will be applied to overdue balances.
  • All cancellations must be made in writing. Cancellations made after trees are dug, or pulled from holding, will be subject to a 25% service fee.
  • Payment can be made by cash, check or credit card. Credit card payments, if made when the card is not present (i.e. by phone or fax) may be subject to a 1% convenience fee.

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Warranty Information

We are so confident in the plants that we grow and sell that we offer a limited warranty.

With the proper treatment, all our plants will survive and thrive. Since we cannot control the different planting methods, handling, soil conditions, climates or care given our plants by their new owners, we offer a limited one-year warranty. The return of a dead tree or shrub (with receipt) is eligible for a merchandise credit of 50% of its original invoice price, including labor. Warranties begin on the original date of installation or delivery/pickup.

We expect anyone experiencing problems with their plant material to call us without delay. This will allow us to work with you, to correct any problems that may exist in the care of your plants. Often we can avoid replacement by adjusting care methods.

Ground covers, roses, perennials, Japanese Maples and most red-leaved trees, Fraser Fir and bare-root trees are excluded. The warranty does not cover acts of God, frost, drought or animal browsing. We reserve the right to void any warranty coverage where there is evidence of lack of watering or too much watering, or neglect. Replacement plants are not warranted.


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