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trim pines is a proud distributor of

Dairy Doo organic compost and potting mixes are made in Michigan! Michigan-made designer organic compost and potting mixes.
 We use them, and they can help you too!


Why Dairy Doo?

Many soils have been stripped of the nutrients, microbiology, and holding capacity that gave us some of the richest farmland in the world. This is the result of modern development practices that remove the native topsoils from our residential properties, and some farming practices that ignored the soil's valuable characteristics. Quality, designer compost is a way to reverse that trend.

By using Dairy Doo as little as a quarter-inch deep, you can stimulate the biological activity that is  natural to your soil and critical to healthy plant growth.

Click here for more information about these great products! They're great for gardening, landscaping, new trees, raised beds and more. We can help you choose the right products and combinations for your project.

On-Farm Availability

Midwinter is the best time to preorder your Dairy Doo products, to make sure we have enough for your needs! We'll grab a few extras, but due to the distance involved, most of our availability will be by prepaid order only. Please call us to place your order. or ask about availability.

Dairy Doo Seed Starter 101 - 1cu.ft bag  

Dairy Doo Potting Soil 201 - 1cu.ft bag


Dairy Doo Potting Mix 301 - 1cu.ft bag



Coconut Coir   bale


Dairy Doo Compost 1cu.ft bag


Dairy Doo Compost - bulk (per yard)


Nature Safe 8-5-5


Nature Safe 13-0-0


Worm Castings – bag

 Bulk products are available too! Great for large gardens & fields, and professional growers.  


Other Gardening Supplies

Drip Irrigation Kits

Save water and money with drip irrigation
Show us your garden layout; we’ll help you design your system!

Gator 100 Kit  
Gator 250 Kit  
Gator 1000 Kit  
Gator 2000 Kit  
Hardwood Bark Mulch  
Red Pine Bark Mulch  
Root Stimulator: Give your new trees & plants a
jump start

Seed Starter 101 has a 6-week supply of nutrients built-in

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