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  • 2004 Editions
  • 01-13-05 Fungus gnats; deer protection for trees
  • 01-19-05 After cutting down trees: to chip or not to chip? Also: starting seeds indoors for spring planting
  • 01-27-05 Excessive plant growth in ponds; problem trees and/or problem sites
  • 02-11-05 Diplodia Tip Blight on Pine trees; caring for African violets
  • 02-14-05 Caring for Ficus in winter; indoor pests: larder beetles
  • 02-14-05 bonus! Fertilizer for gardens - designer vs "regular"; why gardenias don't like our houses 
  • 02-21-05 vole damage in lawns & woody plants; how to root cacti and succulents
  • 03-04-05 tree-climbing vines; hibernating insects
  • 03-08-05 deer pests in the landscape; grain moths in kitchens
  • 03-15-05 ants in the kitchen; mythological apple trees
  • 04-07-05 spring care of ornamental grasses; little beetles in basements
  • 04-13-05 Preventing crabgrass; flies on the wall 
  • 04-18-05 Buying perennials in boxes; care of perennials in early spring
  • 05-20-05 Dogs and lawns; winter injury on evergreen trees
  • 05-27-05 Sawfly larvae on Scotch Pine trees; rabbit-eaten Burning Bushes
  • 06-07-05A Dead spots in the lawn; grow your own maple field?
  • 06-07-05B Insects on your mint plants; don't till the rose garden!
  • 06-07-05C Sick garden phlox - look for spider mites; strange grass in the lawn
  • 06-25-05A Maple petiole borer - no need to spray; water for lawn and trees & shrubs
  • 06-25-05B Maple galls - what are they? Ash tree decline - is it the earwigs or emerald ash borer?
  • 06-29-05 Poor choices for landscape plants; growing tomatoes: to stake or not to stake?
  • 07-07-05 European Chafer mating season - what's that buzzing noise? Plus: June drop in fruit trees: what does it mean?
  • 07-15-05 Leather leaves on tomato plants - why, and what to do about them; moving - or removing - mature trees to make way for an addition; weed control in the vegetable garden
  • 07-29-05a Brew up a batch of deer and rabbit repellant; Japanese Beetles on roses, and how to get rid of them
  • 07-29-05b Brown leaves on maple in summer; When to pick green beans and watching for problems on zucchini plants
  • 08-09-05a What to do about Fall Webworm in trees; How to get rid of fungal spots on Peonies
  • 08-09-05b Bat, bat, go away; Using newspaper for mulch - is it safe for vegetable beds; Ugly slime molds in mulch beds
  • 08-18-05 Getting rid of wasps; Why grass seed didn't germinate
  • 08-26-05 Blossom end rot in tomatoes; Those purple spots on Black-Eyed Susans; Holes & sawdust in stacked firewood
  • 10-24-05 How to know and avoid the poisonous Hogweed; saving dahlias through winter and beyond
  • 11-03-05 Scary-looking black spots on maple leaves; the differing water needs of trees and grass
  • 12-16-05 Water softener salt and landscape trees - a lethal combination; how to choose a good Christmas tree
  • 12-16-05a Lots of bugs in the house? Little moths flying around, and spider webs in kitchen staples; what to do with your Christmas Tree after Christmas
  • 01-06-06 Saving bulbs that didn't get planted in autumn; Boxelder bugs in the house
  • 01-16-06 Midwinter gopher or mole damage; Fruit flies where there isn't any fruit?
  • 01-16-06a My Christmas tree is growing! Can I plant it? Plus: Bats in a hundred-year-old home
  • 01-27-06 Leaf-footed bugs, not kissing bugs, in Michigan; how to root African violet
  • 02-10-06 Potting mix for houseplants - what to use and how to use it; tiny little bugs on snow: snow fleas
  • 02-10-06a Ice collecting on evergreen trees: to remove or not to remove; how to start a new burro's tail plant
  • 03-06-06 When to start tomato seeds for the garden; the beautiful, yet invasive, Phragmites australis grass that's seen at the side of the road
  • 03-06-06a Getting clothes moths out of clothes & other wool; about using Japanese Beetle traps
  • 03-06-06b Assassin bugs? Nope, leaf-footed bugs; indoor gardening projects for kids
  • 03-21-06 Weed problems in the groundcover bed; Memorial Day: plant vegetable garden, or attend a parade?


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