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Landscape trees, Shrubs, perennials and products

Trim Pines Farm grows full size evergreen trees - dozens of species of pine, spruce, fir and more.  The nursery also sells dwarf evergreens, shade trees, ornamental trees, shrubs, and perennials.

Mulch and important tools, such as care sheets, moisture meters and root stimulators are available.

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landscape with evergreensLandscape Design and consultation

The Trim Pines family and staff know that homeowners have a lot of questions when making improvements to their yards. We're ready with the answers you need about tree and plant selection. The answers come from the many years of experience growing things in the clay soils of Grand Blanc. We know how to work with the clay soils to produce low maintenance, unique landscapes for our clients.

Soils are the life blood of a farm, and we think that applies to the yards where people want to grow healthy plants and lawns. We encourage our customers to gain an understanding of the basics of plant vigor and health that start with soil structure, drainage and water conservation. This farm-based philosophy helps our customers enjoy beautiful low maintenance landscapes.

We can help with solutions for choices in screening, a garden bed or two, or your entire landscape. From a visit to the nursery with your pictures, to a fully-drafted landscape design, the possibilities are unlimited! 

Call Trim Pines Farm at (810) 694-9958 or use the online message form for more information and to make an appointment for landscape design services in Genesee and Oakland Counties.

A few things to know when you're visiting to look at trees


Truck spade planting a white spruce tree.Tree & Landscape Installation

Trim Pines Farm provides the specialized equipment and expertise to effectively install trees and landscaping.

Standard Tree Planting involves delivery of one or more trees on a truck or trailer. Our mechanical digging augers help us dig the planting holes, and then place the trees in them.

Truck Tree Spade Planting involves at least one trip to the planting site for each tree planted, with a large truck-mounted tree spade. Producing superior transplant response, this method requires accessibility for a large motor home-sized vehicle.

Trim Pines must, as the party responsible for digging, call Miss Dig to have underground utilities identified. We’ll ask you for the appropriate information.

Please ask for a quote based on the number & size of trees on your order, the distance to your site and planting conditions. Call Trim Pines Farm at (810) 694-9958 or use the online message form for more information on tree and landscape installation in Southeast Michigan .


Tree Moving & Balling

We transplant trees up to 6.5" in diameter, and can dig your trees in ball-and-burlap for transport. For expert tree moving and balling, call us first at (810) 694-9958.  You may also use the online message form.


Lawn Installation and Maintenance

Trim Pines Farm has enjoyed using a time-honored method of lawn installation, called direct seeding. Rather than using short-rooted sod on top of a hard-packed clay, or spreading seed on top of the soil, they plant the way a corn farmer plants his "grass." The seed goes directly into the prepared soil, and germinates there to provide a high-quality, lower maintenance lawn.

Christmas Trees, Hayrides, and family funhorse drawn haywagon filled with Christmas trees

Since 1981, Trim Pines Farm has offered "choose and cut" Christmas trees.  More recently, Christmas at Trim Pines Farm has expanded to include entertaining activities such as Santa Claus, refreshments, reindeer, and up to 5 teams of Belgian, Percheron and Haflinger horses pulling wagons.  Learn more by going to the Christmas Trees section of our website.

Check out our Group Hayride program, too!


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