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For directions and a map to plan your visit to Trim Pines Farm, please go to the Contact page.


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What to Bring When You Visit

A checklist of information that will help us guide you in tree selection

There are several factors to consider when you purchase trees. They'll affect the number, size and type(s) of tree that will be just right for your yard. The choices can be overwhelming, but we'll help you narrow it down.

Budget - Decide ahead of time how much you can spend for your landscape

Photos, photos, photos - digital or on paper, they're worth a thousand words!

The purpose of your trees - Decide where you need the following:

  • Shade

  • Screening or Privacy

  • Decoration

  • Anchor (a tree that gives substance to your yard, other than the house)

Your soil type - if you don't know what it is, feel free to bring a sample so we can identify it. Dig a hole about 6 inches wide and 12 inches deep. Bring your sample in a paper bag, so it doesn't grow moldy.

Sun/shade of the location(s) that will be planted

Location of your lawn sprinklers, if any, and where the downspouts drain. Also, be aware of where your yard slopes in relation to your neighbors' sprinklers and other water sources.

Size of your spaces - Bring a drawing, a sketch or copy of your mortgage survey to show your entire yard. You can write on it where you'd like to plant trees, and the dimensions of those spaces. Some trees grow to be 15' wide, others 25' wide, and some can even get to be 60' wide. We'll make sure you don't plant too big!

Where do the children (and adults) play?

Where is north?

Road salt - What is the speed limit on your road? Does it get salted in the winter? Many trees won't tolerate road salt, in the air or on the ground around their roots.

Will there be changes to your lawn, driveways or sidewalks? Will you be building a pool, deck or other hardscape?

Last but not least, let's make sure you're comfortable! Dress for the weather, including comfortable shoes for walking in fields that may be muddy a day or two after rainfall.


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