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Home Grown is an educational, entertaining, question-answer column seen weekly in "News from the Genesee MSUE Office," a weekly newsletter for Genesee County Master Gardeners. Special thanks to the Genesee, Oakland and Livingston county MSU Extension offices for providing this service.


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We've been providing "Home Grown" on our site since August of 2004, when we received permission from the author, Gretchen Voyle. Her advice is entertaining, timely and dependable. Here is a list of the columns that we have from July of 2005 for you to view:

01-06-06 Saving bulbs that didn't get planted in autumn; Boxelder bugs in the house

01-16-06 Midwinter gopher or mole damage; Fruit flies where there isn't any fruit?

01-16-06a My Christmas tree is growing! Can I plant it? Plus: Bats in a hundred-year-old home

01-27-06 Leaf-footed bugs, not kissing bugs, in Michigan; how to root African violet

02-10-06 Potting mix for houseplants - what to use and how to use it; tiny little bugs on snow: snow fleas

02-10-06a Ice collecting on evergreen trees: to remove or not to remove; how to start a new burro's tail plant

03-06-06 When to start tomato seeds for the garden; the beautiful, yet invasive, Phragmites australis grass that's seen at the side of the road

03-06-06a Getting clothes moths out of clothes & other wool; about using Japanese Beetle traps

03-06-06b Assassin bugs? Nope, leaf-footed bugs; indoor gardening projects for kids

03-21-06 Weed problems in the groundcover bed; Memorial Day: plant vegetable garden, or attend a parade?


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